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.308 Tactical Sniper Rifle


Production ABT SA-SS-R - Short Action, Stainless Steel Repeater



Calibres: 22-250 Winchester through to 6.5 x 55, including 243, 260, 308, and all of the short magnum varieties, a medium action will be available shortly specifically intended for those calibres in the 7mm Mauser to 30-06 type rounds, and a long action will also be available for all other calibres up to 338 Lapua Magnum, including such rounds as the Weatherby belted magnums.

Receiver:  Stainless Steel 416, High Tensile Steel or other materials including Titanium by special order.

Bolt body cocking piece & bolt head: High Tensile Steel 4140, other materials including Titanium by special order.

Number of lugs:  9 or 3, depending on customers specs.

Lug rotation:  60 degrees.

Firing pin: Titanium 6Al4v

Firing pin travel, 1.2 to 2 mm, adjustable.

Firing pin impact strength, 20 to 30 kg's, adjustable.

Action bedding: fully bedded and bonded to Aluminium chassis.

Scope rail attachment tenon and screws:  8 x M3.

Trigger: Jewell, in trigger safety, weight of pull set to to customers specs. 1oz to 3 lbs.

Ejector:  plunger or control feed striker.

Extractor:  Hook type or control feed.

Production method:  CNC machined throughout no castings are used anywhere in production.

Barrel: Fully free floating, made to Customers choice, preferred manufacturer, Lothar Walther, Carbon wrapped barrels and other manufacturers are available by special order.

Barrel thread: M30 x 1.5 x 37mm.

Barrel length:  to customers specs.

Barrel twist: to customers specs.

Muzzle thread: to customers specs.

Scope rail: Available in Aluminium, Stainless steel and Titanium to customers specs.

Magazine: standard AI 10 round mag, or special order ABT precision magazine.

Stock: machined aluminium throughout, Folding standard with fixed stock adapter on request, adjustable:- cheek piece, grip distance from the trigger, length, cant, height and ground spike as standard.

Weight: titanium action with carbon barrel, approx 4.2 Kg's,

Weight Stainless Steel: with 26inch, Lothar Walther heavy varmint barrel approx 6 Kg's

Stock finish: Anodised, Powder coated or any colour or pattern provided by Hydro Graphics, such as real tree camo.

The Rifle is fully adjustable and the Bolt can be disassembled using just the rifle as a tool, all parts that are likely to break at a crucial time, can easily be replaced by hand in around 2 minutes, by someone with a working knowledge of bolt action firearms, this includes the firing pin, firing pin spring, extractor, ejector and even the bolt head.

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